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Services Overview

Mactech is an expert supplier of construction, inspection, quality and engineering personnel and project teams, to the energy sectors worldwide. In addition the company supports client global project requirements for specialist inspection services. The company focus extensively on Power, Nuclear, Oil, Gas, Renewables, Subsea, Marine and Offshore.


Project Staffing and Recruitment

Mactech is a specialist supplier of trade, engineering and inspection personnel to the energy production and construction sectors, worldwide. A full spectrum of activities in Construction, Engineering, Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Renewables, Marine and Offshore is provided for.

Full Discipline List

The key disciplines supplied are listed below, however this is not exhaustive and Mactech deal with regular technical positions for clients on a daily basis. So should you require something specific that is not listed below, please contact the team.

Personnel Supply


Mechanical / Piping / Electrical / Instrument Personnel:

  • - Tradesmen
  • - Technicians
  • - Supervisors
  • - Engineers
  • - Inspectors
  • - Project Managers
  • - Commissioning
  • - Design
  • - Planning
  • - Rope Access


SIP Personnel:

  • - Scaffolders
  • - Insulators
  • - Painters


QA / QC and Inspection Personnel:

  • - Welding
  • - Piping
  • - Mechanical / Plant
  • - Electrical and Instrument
  • - QA Surveillance
  • - 3rd Party Vendor / Client Inspectors
  • - QA/QC Managers


NDT Personnel:

  • - Radiography
  • - Ultrasonics
  • - Automated ultrasonics
  • - Phased array
  • - TOFD
  • - Eddy current
  • - Rope Access


Documentation, Cost control, Completions and Commissioning Personnel:

  • - Project Controls
  • - Final Handover
  • - Document Review and Compilation
  • - Commissioning and Handover



Mactech has a wealth of experience in the supply of grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 (Craftsman and Technicians) as well as inspectors and supervision to blue book sites in the UK. Mactech has a full understanding of the NAECI wage agreements and can ensure all contractors are paid in line with NJC and site agreements whilst under their employment.

As an organisation the company is a member of the ECIA and have employed a construction workforce on a number of conventional and nuclear power stations as well as various other category 1- 4 NAECI sites in the United Kingdom. Over this time Mactech has built an infrastructure within the company to offer the following services in support of each person supplied to site:

  • - Security clearance for approval to work on nuclear and MOD sites.
  • - Classified worker approval for nuclear sites including:
  •          - Ionizing radiation medicals.
  •          - Dose record keeping services.
  • - UK safety passport courses and renewals for all employees.
  • - SQEP, HSE and competency approval, demonstrated by certification of apprenticeship and other relevant trades certificates.

Since 1986, Mactech has been supplying personnel to large scale EPC projects, maintenance programmes, new build and extension of plant activities worldwide. Through the life cycle of a project - fabrication, installation, erection, inspection, commissioning, maintenance and production Mactech can provide personnel.



NDT/Inspection Personnel and Services

Mactech are an expert provider of Quality and NDT Inspections services to the Oil, Gas, Power, Nuclear, Construction, Engineering, Marine, and Subsea sectors globally.

They work with major inspectorate companies, engineering and construction contractors and Tier 1 energy suppliers and are therefore experienced in supplying at both ends of the scale.

Note: A large part of business activity is supporting larger inspection companies with quality manpower for a variety of their own project demands. Mactech understands there may be shared clients that are operated with providing other services. It is to be noted that Mactech do not, and will not, create conflict of interest situations and aim to avoid this by being open and honest from day one of a working relationship. The company value very highly their client base of larger inspectorates that operate throughout the world who require their support.

Core services include:

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

  1. Ultrasonic Inspection
  2. Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
  3. Phased Array
  4. Time of Flight (TOFD)
  5. Radiographic Inspection
  6. Magnetic Particle Inspection
  7. Dye Penetrant Inspection

Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)

  1. QA / QC surveillance for construction oversight - Full teams for inspection and project management
  2. Welding, pipework and mechanical inspection services
  3. Electrical and instrument inspection services
  4. Commissioning teams for completions and handover
  5. Onshore and offshore asset integrity services (maintenance, inspection, reporting)


Vendor/Expediting Personnel and Services

Vendor Inspection

Mactech Inspection Ltd has the proven ability to protect client interests in their procurement of components by providing vendor inspection services conducted by qualified Inspectors and Engineers throughout the United Kingdom and in over 40 countries worldwide.

The object of the service is:

  1. To provide control at the manufacturer or sub-contractors premises of the quality of workmanship and conformity of manufactured equipment with the purchase specifications, applicable drawings, codes or standards.
  2. To identify the cost effective test plan which will determine the level of Mactech involvement.
  3. To apply to the plan rigidly monitored inspection stages will secure the level of cover required i.e.
    • Testing and Checking of Materials
    • Witnessing of Performance Tests
    • Welding Inspection
    • Dimensional Control
    • Shop Inspection during Fabrication and Assembly
    • Pre-Shipment Inspection
    • Packaging and Marking Supervision
    • Loading and Unloading Supervision


The object of the service is:

  1. To compare the progress of activities with a pre-determined time schedule or critical path analysis
  2. To establish potential bottlenecks and examine these activities.
  3. To suggest constructive solutions in order to meet agreed completion dates. To inform the client of the real situation existing at the manufacturers' facilities and of all decisions taken or suggested regarding the time schedule.

Project Management Consultancy

Mactech’s Project Management Consultancy service (PMC) concentrates on providing large multi-national EPC organisations with specialist personnel, to assist in the delivery of complex projects.

Successful project management consist of having exceptional people with the execution capabilities through experience and understanding to deliver projects on time, on budget and to requirement.

Mactech understands that staffing a project management team can be a complex and long drawn out process if the client manages it in-house. The number of applications received can be overwhelming, resulting in EPC companies and contractors HR and Technical Teams being tied up in recruitment rather than focusing on key project management areas.

EPC contractors can be supplied with full project teams and individual high level specialist including Project and Construction Managers. However Mactech has the capability and experience to provide personnel right the way through the supply chain, trades upwards and office based disciplines.

Mactech has extensive experience in working with EPC companies within the oil, gas, nuclear, power, marine, renewable and offshore sectors. They work with and on behalf of the client to ensure the highest calibre personnel are recruited for both short and long term projects.

To ease the pressure on EPC contractors, Mactech’s PMC manages the process of staffing a team effectively for the client by:
 - Establishing a detailed job description with full involvement and approval of the client.
 - Utilising very established existing candidate relationships and extensive personnel databases, Mactech are able to identify quality candidates that fully meet the client’s need. Whether this is through qualifications held, languages spoken or specific industry experience.
 - Building strong relationships with clients and candidates alike through their considerable experience of providing solutions to the industry sector.
 - Reviewing in detail all CV’s in line with the job description in a timely and effective manner prior to final submission to the client. Due to Mactech’s technical knowledge and experience they are able to filter candidates before submission.
 - Obtaining client approval and arranging interviews (if appropriate).
 - Management of legal obligations and risks. Mactech is experienced in working in foreign tax environments, therefore assuring that all tax legalities will be met for each in-country worker. Payroll is also managed, taking the emphasis off the client.
 - Visa arrangement. The in-house Logistics Team have the ability to arrange and obtain visas on a global basis.

Personnel Supply

Mactech offers tailored project managements consultancy services to support client needs, with a flexible approach to provide full project management team or specific individual specialists to integrate with and strengthen the client’s team.


Mactech are able to supply various levels of the disciplines listed below including managers, supervisors, designers and trades.
 - Civil/Structural
 - Electrical
 - Instrumentation
 - Mechanical
 - Piping
 - Process
 - Telecoms

Project Controls

All successful projects require office based staff to manage the key areas such as contractual obligations, HSEQ, financial elements and planning, along with supporting onsite personnel. Disciplines include:
 - Claims Managers
 - Commercial Managers
 - Contract Managers
 - Construction Planners
 - Cost Controllers
 - Document Control
 - HSE Managers
 - HSE Officers
 - Procurement Managers
 - Project Construction Managers
 - Project Controls
 - Project Directors
 - Project Managers
 - Project Planners
 - Senior Project Managers
 - Quality Managers

Construction Site

To support EPC contractors on the construction side of a project are able to support and deliver the following management roles:
 - Commissioning Managers
 - Commissioning Engineers
 - Construction Managers
 - Construction Superintendents
 - Construction Supervisors
 - HSE Managers
 - Maintenance Managers
 - Operations Manager
 - Quality Control
 - Site Managers

For construction site activities Mactech are able to supply various levels of the engineering disciplines listed below including managers, supervisors, designers and trades.
 - Civils
 - Electrical
 - Erection
 - Instrumentation
 - Mechanical
 - Piping
 - Site preparation

Project Teams

Working with EPC contractors, Mactech are able to identify specific project management services that are required and build a specialist team with the skills and experience to meet project aims and objectives.

Complete project management teams can be provided for all stages of a projects life including conceptual development, FEED, construction, commissioning and operational support.

Mactech are able to supply:
 - Full engineering project teams.
 - Full project control teams.
 - Full construction site teams.
 - A combination of EPC.