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Sectors Overview

Mactech is able to provide services for a full spectrum of construction, production, operations, maintenance and decommissioning related projects to an array of energy sectors. Core experience is held within Oil, Gas and Power, including Nuclear and Renewables.


Mactech has extensive experience operating on nuclear power stations in the UK and Europe. They began with supplying inspection personnel and services to the German nuclear market in the 1980s and since then have built up project experience on many of the major nuclear power stations in the UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Finland and South Africa.

Projects include supplying engineering and construction personnel, inspection services, QA/QC management and decommissioning resources to UK nuclear power stations for ongoing maintenance, life extension and outage support.

Mactech has worked on a number of new build power stations on the European continent. Most recently they have been operated on one of Europe’s largest new build nuclear stations, Olkiluoto 3 in Finland. On this project, they supplied manpower for mechanical erection, supervision, QA/QC, inspection and commissioning activities. The company also developed inspection procedures and database management systems as well as gaining a wealth of experience in the issues faced with new build nuclear station programmes.
Over time Mactech have grown a UK construction team with nuclear new build (NNB) experience and can now offer the following services:

Supply of all types of construction personnel through the lifecycle of the build – fabrication, installation, inspection, commissioning, completions and handover.

  • - Tradesmen
  • - Technicians
  •  -Supervisors
  •  - Inspectors
  • - Engineers
  • - Management 


QA/QC and inspection services.

  • - Full QA/QC project surveillance team to oversee construction.
  • - Supervision, management and control of all NDT sub-contractors.
  • - Development of QA procedures, engineering solutions and work instructions prior to, and during construction.


SQEP Personnel / UK Nuclear Sites / Security Clearances / CTC

As an organisation Mactech is a member of the ECIA and have employed a construction workforce on a number of conventional and nuclear power stations as well as various other category 1- 4 NAECI sites in the United Kingdom. Over this time has built an infrastructure within the company to offer the following services in support of each person supplied to site:-

  • - Security clearance for approval to work on nuclear and MOD sites.
  • - Classified worker approval for nuclear sites including:
  •        Ionizing radiation medicals.
  •        Dose record keeping services.
  • - UK safety passport courses and renewals for all employees.
  • - SQEP, HSE and competency approval, demonstrated by certification of apprenticeship and other relevant trades certificates.

See some of Mactech's project experience.

Nuclear Services brochure.

Oil and Gas

Mactech has provided services across the full lifecycle of oil and gas, from exploration, project development, construction, asset operations, refining and maintenance. Clients vary from oil and gas majors to Tier 1 and 2 contractors and niche business consultancies.

The company has provided personnel and inspection services for surface, subsea, exploration, LNG, refining, construction and maintenance activities on and offshore worldwide. Mactech currently has personnel operating across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific markets.

Mactech also has extensive LNG experience having worked on some of the major LNG development and new build projects in Europe. Over this time they have built up an exceptional database of personnel with LNG experience that can be offer to clients involved in the new build markets.

See some of Mactech's project experience.


Mactech has supplied personnel to oversee fabrication and offshore construction for a number of wind farm projects in Europe. They have had inspectors at yards in Germany, Holland and the UK monitoring fabrication of wind turbines and associated equipment as well as providing personnel to support offshore construction erection and associated inspections. Mactech has worked with some of the major energy and construction contractors involved in rolling out this extensive programme of fabrication and erection activities. They have built a solid resource base of employees who have experience in this growing sector.

The company also have the ability and experience to provide trade and inspection personnel for the construction, installation and maintenance of solar farms, biomass plants and waste to energy sites.

See some of Mactech's project experience.

Marine & Offshore

Whether it is rig construction and repair, ship repair and conversion or specialised ship building, Mactech has been providing construction personnel, NDT and welding inspection services in many of the world’s major shipyards. From head offices in Newcastle upon Tyne the company have been strategically located next to some of the largest ship builders and rig constructors in the UK.

Mactech have found since the decline in ship building in the North East, they have an exceptional skills base of UK workers for overseas marine and offshore projects. They can also offer these personnel with many years of ship building and rig construction experience to clients worldwide who are looking for practiced tradesmen, supervisors, engineers and project managers to support with construction activities.

See some of Mactech's project experience.

Construction and Engineering

Mactech’s core experience has been in engineering and construction activities within the energy sectors. From front-end engineering and design support through to construction, completions and handover, Mactech has provided personnel throughout the lifecycle of a project. Resources cover a full variety of construction disciplines – mechanical, piping, electrical, instrument and commissioning. Clients can be supplied with all types of construction trades, supervisors, engineers and project management to support the installation and building process as well as QA/QC, NDT, welding and mechanical inspection services, for fabrication through to installation and handover.

See some of Mactech's project experience.



As existing onshore and offshore infrastructure approaches the end of its useful life, decommissioning of offshore assets and onshore conventional and nuclear stations, has been a growing sector for Mactech. To support client needs during the decommissioning process Mactech offer the following:

  1. SQEP teams fully trained in radiological protection inc. full dosimetry/ HSE management
  2. Supply of fully security cleared personnel for work on nuclear sites
  3. Mechanical – Fitters, platers, riggers and lifting services for strip out and removal activities.
  4. Electrical and Instrument – Tradesmen, technicians and supervision. Activities associated with power distribution, DCS, fire alarms, lighting, instrumentation, lighting protection etc.
  5. Plant and Equipment Operators – MEWPs and construction hoists, scissor lifts, tractors, tele-handlers, fork lift truck, heavy goods vehicles.
  6. Inspection – Welding, piping, NDT, mechanical plant, electrical and instrument equipment.

   See some of Mactech's project experience.


Over the years Mactech has been responsible for supplying teams of commissioning and completions personnel, mainly technicians, engineers, supervision and management for pipework, mechanical and electrical installations. Work has primarily been undertaken with large EPC contracts associated with the energy and construction sectors from power stations to oil rigs and LNG terminals. Mactech has teams of employees available, who are all suitably qualified and experienced to close out, and commission any new build structure associated with the oil, gas, power, marine, nuclear and the offshore sectors.

See some of Mactech's project experience.



Mactech has supplied engineering and construction personnel and services to a number of contractors, owners and operators to build, maintain and extend the life of existing power plants in the UK, Europe and worldwide. From EPC new build, extension of plant, maintenance, outage support and plant life extension, Mactech has provided services extensive experience across the full range of fossil fired power stations.


Mactech has the ability to support clients on a number of subsea developments. Laggan Tormore contract is one of the examples of significant work completed. Mactech provided third party inspectors for fabrication of all SURF products at supplier basis around Europe.

They also work with a variety of major yards supplying tradesmen, supervision and engineers for the fabrication and construction of a number of risers, umbilicals, monopolies and various mechanical and steel structures associated with subsea oil and gas development projects. Whether it is onshore fabrication and construction, or offshore installation and hook up, Mactech can provide a client with of project teams to meet the technical demands of subsea engineering projects.