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Mactech Celebrates Incident Free Year


Managing safety is never an easy task, especially when your employees are based on client sites all over the globe. However the end of 2015 saw Mactech Inspection Limited reach over 200,000 man hours without any lost time incidents.
Andrew McFarlane, Managing Director, stated “Safety of our employees and others is at the centre of our core values. It reflects our performance and the quality of the leadership within the company. I am exceptionally proud of this record, not only were there no LTI’s but the company achieved a completely incident free year.”
With work undertaken on nuclear sites, shipyards, offshore platforms, refineries and power stations, it is important that health and safety is a top priority of all involved and they are equipped with the correct tool to undertake the work safely. Crucially Mactech strives to ensure all personnel recognise their role and responsibility in the process.
The impressive health and safety achievement has continued into 2016; with the company remaining incident free a year to date.